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CoolFall Spy007 XP-L light


Being sold for a friend.  Thor's Hammer is in posession of the light.

One of a kind truly unique CoolFall Spy007 XP-L light. Only one made! The light is made of titanium and has been custom etched and finished by knife maker Peter Rassenti in a pattern that Dave calls "Cracked". It looks almost like a rock wall with cracks in it. The finish is unique as well. Although it appears to be a stonewash of some type there is also some other type of finishing agent on it which gives it a hard rustic look. The knob is made of brass and looks great against the finish of the light. The trit slots have yellow tritiums installed.


This light is running the latest STFu MK4 3300mA driver. I have swapped the LED from a cooler XM-L2 to a V4-5B4 neutral XP-L. In the reflector assembly I find the XP-L gives a slightly tighter spot and cleaner color distribution across the corona and flood of the light with less of that bluish chromatic aberration at the edges. The neutral tint makes it ideal for use both indoors and out. Outdoor color rendition of nature is simply wonderful. The reflector is still set and centered with the XM-L2 brass centering ring.


The light is what I believe would be called a 'stealth' model and does not have a serial number. There is also no milled lanyard slot.


Included is the light, plastic case, and any other accessories I got with the light.

$1800 if  you use a credit card or PayPal.  $1300 if you send a check or money order.  Might I suggest the check or money order...

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