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HDS Systems Flashlights

If you don't know what HDS Systems flashlights are, let me inform you.

They are simply the most rugged and diverse flashlight on the market today.  They are made here in Tucson, Arizona, and I sell them.  It is the only product that I sell other than my custom made leather goods.

You can buy them from me HERE

You can see many of the options available on my Flashlight Holsters page.

You can check out the lights at the official HDS Website, and simply contact me with the exact light you would like.

I typically do not keep a stock of HDS lights, as HDS Systems is a 45 minute drive from my leather shop and I am frequently found working there calibrating the lights.

I ship USPS Priority with delivery confirmation at cost, which runs $5.80 in the U.S.  I ship international Priority at cost as well, which generally is $23.50.