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3D Stampings and Tooling Available

This page is huge and may take some time to load!

I have nearly every stamp that is shown HERE

Alphabet Stamps 1 inch

1/2 Inch Numbers

3/4 Inch Fancy

3/4 inch Fancy Western

3/4 inch Old English

3/4 Inch Old English Numbers

3/4 Inch Viking Runes (Elder Futhark) / Also have 1/4 Inch Elder Futhark

3/4 Inch Greek

1/4 Inch Fancy

1/4 Inch Plain

1/4 Inch Numbers

1/2 Inch 3D Stamps

1/4 Inch Native American Symbols

1 Inch 3D Stamps

1/2 inch stamps

There are virtually unlimited possibilities...

Border art, basket weave, dragon scales... Just look at examples of my work and let me know which you want.

This is a test. Yes, there is no easy way to say "I want stamp B-12" Wouldn't it be easier to just number each picture? Yes, it would. No. I am not going to do it. Why? If you can't describe which stamp you want, how exactly can I expect you describe accurately what type of item you want me to make for you! Let's face it, I am trying to create what you have in YOUR mind. YOU have to convey that to me accurately if I am to make it.

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