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Spring Steel Pocket Clips

Just look at that crappy plastic covered pocket clip on your cell phone case. You know what I'm talking about. That clip that doesn't hold your phone to your belt. You get out of the car and the phone case hits the ground with your phone in it. Sometimes they are covered in a horrid imitation leather.

Well, these are not the type of clips I use. I use a spring steel pocket clip that will hold to your belt (up to 1.5 inch) so securely that the only complaint I have ever received about them is that they are too strong. Now, don't go thinking about those clips you have had before that wear out and bend out of shape. These do not. My clips are covered by my lifetime warranty. If you can wear it out, I fix it or replace it for free, and if that means having to make a new pouch/holster around the new clip, then so be it.

For several months now, I have been wearing a Beretta PX4 Storm sub-compact around. Instead of a belt loop in the back of the holster, I decided to use two of my spring steel clips. I've been so happy with the result, that I now offer firearms holsters like this, and few other makers in Tucson have started as well after seeing mine. The holster is more secure than if it had a belt loop, yet you can take it on and off the belt with "relative" ease, and it does not dig into my side like most paddle holsters. You can also clip it to your pants if you are not wearing a belt.

These are strongest clips I have found and the only one's I feel deserve to be part of my lifetime warranty.

Bottom line is, if you are thinking that a leather belt loop is better than a clip for your 1.5 inch belt, think again. Now, if only I could get them so they would fit a 2.25 inch duty belt...

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