Thor's Hammer Custom Leather

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Multi color viking longboat at sunset.


HDS or any 1 inch diameter light 4 inches or greater in length.  Viking longboat on a sea of blue with a red sunset in Celitc knot circle with green dragon scales and edged in black.  Viking shields have green tritium behind them.  Lined with olive deer skin.  Horizontal carry for left side.

The large tritium vial is VERY bright.

Standard open top hand sewn with spring steel pocket clip (vertical): $60.00


Sewn loop instead of clip: $10.00




Finger cut-outs on sides: add $20



Basket weave/dragon scales: add $15.00



Lined: add $20



Deer skin: add $15



Two-tone color: $15



3mm x 25.5mm Tritium vial $70

18 Spots: .50 each $9

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