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Belts are all made by hand and lined belts (Megingjörð) are hand saddle stitched the entire length of the belt. Standard buckles are solid brass or nickel plated solid brass.

Lined gun belts typically are 5/8 inches thick. Megingjörð belts won't double your strength... but will support a pistol and other gear as if they do.

WARNING: Spanking your child with one of my lined gun belts could cause serious injury or death. Would be like spanking him/her with a steel pipe.

These belts are like nothing you have ever seen or held before. The lined gun belts will easily support the heaviest side arm.

Single ply belts start at $100

Lined gun belts start at $200 (this is two single ply belts sewn together)

Basic tooling and stamping is free (including stamping a border on the belt)

Basket Weave and Dragon Scales is $50

My lifetime warranty applies to these belts. They are the last belt you will ever need to buy.

Belts can be made in various widths, however standard is 1.5 inches. Every extra 1/4 inch in width is $30

Nearly every customer who has purchased a belt from me has stated they could not believe how well it supported a firearm.

Belt Size

What is your belt size?

Take a belt you currently wear and measure from the tip of the buckle to the hole you use. That is your belt size.

Your belt size is NOT your pant size.

Your belt size is NOT your underwear size.

Your belt size is probably NOT what you wish your waist size is.

When you order a belt, I honestly do not care what hat size, pant size, or wife's brazier size you have. I will take the number you give me and make a belt for that size. If have you questions, contact me before having a belt made. If you order a 36 inch belt, you are going to get a belt that measures from the tip of the buckle to the center hole that is 36 inches. If you messed up and sent your pant size and you get a belt that doesn't fit your fat dumb ass, then you just made an expensive mistake.

Get the feeling I have had some idiots order belts who can't measure or have way over optimistic views of their waist size? You are absolutely correct.

I don't care if you are a fat ass, but don't be a dumb ass.

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