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The "Loki Rig"

The most versatile carry system for your firearm.

The "Loki Rig" is a special holster that allows you to not only use the holster as a strong side carry on the belt, but also to quickly and easily use it as a Tanker Rig over the left or right shoulder, and also as a traditional shoulder rig.

The straps are attached on the back of the holster utilizing military Pull-the-Dot fasteners. These allow the straps to rotate, however can only be "unsnapped" in one direction, which is the opposite direction to which the force of your firearm is hanging, making it extremely secure. It is further held in place by a locking strap which is the "key" to the "Loki Rig".

Conway buckles make adjustments quick and easy on both the tanker strap the accessory shoulder rig strap, and both holster tie down straps.

Whether you want to wear your firearm for all to see, or stay low key, the Loki Rig has you covered.

Another advantage to the Loki Rig, is that if you already have the strap system, you need only buy a Loki Holster to go with it. One set of straps will work on any Loki Holster, saving you money.

As always, no metal ever touches your firearm.

Loki Rig instructional videos

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