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What is a Modular Sheath?

A Modular Sheath is one in which there are metal screw holes on the back of the sheath that allows several carry options.  They come standard with a fold over belt loop.

With a Modular Sheath, many things are possible

While standard with a fold over belt loop, many different carry options can be made at the time you order, or even years after you purchased your Modular Sheath.

Fold Over belt loop

The fold over belt loop can be worn as a standard drop down loop.  Specify how tall you want it when ordering.

Fold Over belt loop

The belt can also be threaded between the sheath and fold over belt loop for a higher ride on the belt.

Fold Over belt loop

Depending on the length of the blade, there may be more slots on the back.  You can even hang the sheath upside down.

Scout style straps can be made

Scout style straps can made that will not only allow scout carry, but also canted cross draw as well.

Canted cross draw with scout loops

By attaching the scout loops like this, it give you a nice cross draw for the knife.

Canted cross draw with scout loops

With knives with longer blades that can have 3 screw holes, it will allow for an even more canted cross draw as well.

Instead of scout loops, spring steel clips can be used.

Spring steel clips can be attached instead of scout loops if you prefer to be able to take the sheath off the belt without having to remove the belt.

Simple Belt Loop/Spring steel clip holder

A belt loop that will also allow a spring steel clip to be attached can also be made.

D-Ring and Danglers

A D-Ring on the back can be addes with split double danglers.

Strong Magnets can be added for clothes carry

Very strong magnets can be added so that the sheath can be worn directly on clothes.  Not suggested for very large or heavy knives.

Picture coming soom.

1.5 inch Ulticlip

Easily add a 1.5 inch Ulticlkip to the back of the sheath using two of the screw holes.

Easily attach to a Loki Strap

With the screw holes, the sheath will easily attach to a Loki Strap.

Backpack shoulder strap attachments

Easily attach your sheath to a backpack shoulder strap.  Loop on the tip of the sheath goes through the D-ring on the strap (or any strap if there is no D-Ring, then the bottom strap goes around the backpack strap and snaps.

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