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Leather Cases

All my cases are solid leather. There is no plastic or filler to make it stiff. Heavy, thick leather is used. All are hand cut, stitched, and finished. All hardware is solid brass or nickel plated solid brass. I do not cut corners. Prices on cases are dependent on many factors. Each is a functional piece of art that will last a lifetime.


Cases start at $450 for smaller 8 1/2 x 11 and go up depending upon tooling and size.

The laptop case above would be $1,250 with the tooling and inlaid rattlesnake.

"Wow! That's really expensive for a completely hand made, hand stitched, fully custom made to my specifications bag that my grandchildren will use long after I'm dead."

Go back to Wal-Mart and buy one every six months made by a 12 year old in China. You ARE NOT my customer, nor someone I would associate with. Move along. Nothing for you to see here.

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