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Flashlight Holsters

I have never been impressed with the quality of flashlight holsters and pouches. I carry and use a flashlight every day. I used them for duty, and so look at a flashlight as essential gear. Being critical to my work, I have always found the holsters one can get, to be lacking. Carrying spare batteries on your person can also present a problem. I decided to fix the problem.

Thor's Hammer was the first to start putting spare battery carriers on the flashlight holsters. I am also the first to put tritium vials into the holsters as well. As fancy or as plain as you want it. Need a flashlight holster for duty or something worthy of carrying your functional art piece? I have you covered.

Any design can be done. Vertical, horizontal, canted, even upside down... it doesn't matter. If you see a firearm holster on this website that you think would make a great flashlight holster design, it can be done. The photos of my work are just to give you an idea of what is possible.

The spare battery carriers, I call them "saddlebags" hold the batteries tightly, so there is no fear of losing your batteries. They can be made to hold 1 or 2 spare batteries depending on the battery.

It it's not a Thor's Hammer, it's probably just cheap crap.

Pricing can be found on the pricing page.

Flashlight Holsters with Tritium Inserts

Flashlight Holsters

Flashlight Travel Cases

Travel cases are cases to put your light in to protect it before tossing it into the glove box, center console, bug-out-bag, or whatever. They don't have any kind of attachment for your belt... which isn't to say one couldn't be put on one.

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