Thor's Hammer Custom Leather

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Flashlight Holsters

I have never been impressed with the quality of flashlight holsters and pouches.  I carry and use a flashlight every day.  I used them for duty, and so look at a flashlight as essential gear.  Being critical to my work, I have always found the holsters one can get, to be lacking.  Carrying spare batteries on your person can also present a problem.  I decided to fix the problem.

Thor's Hammer was the first to start putting spare battery carriers on the flashlight holsters.  I am also the first to put tritium vials into the holsters as well.  As fancy or as plain as you want it.  Need a flashlight holster for duty or something worthy of carrying your functional art piece?  I have you covered.

Any design can be done.  Vertical, horizontal, canted, even upside down... it doesn't matter.  If you see a firearm holster on this website that you think would make a great flashlight holster design, it can be done.  The photos of my work are just to give you an idea of what is possible.

The spare battery carriers, I call them "saddlebags" hold the batteries tightly, so there is no fear of losing your batteries.  They can be made to hold 1 or 2 spare batteries depending on the battery.

It it's not a Thor's Hammer, it's probably just cheap crap.

This includes everything from tiny lights up to 1.25 diameter and up to 5 inches long.  Larger lights will cost more depending upon the size.

Standard open top hand sewn with spring steel pocket clip (vertical):  $60.00

Sewn loop instead of clip:  $10.00

45 degree angle with short clip:  $20.00

Horizontal with belt clip:  $25

Flap over pouch:  add $20.00

Spare battery carrier horizontal:  add $15

Spare battery carrier vertical:  add $25

Finger cut-outs on sides:  add $20

Simple Tooling (stamps and designs):  FREE

Basket weave/dragon scales:  add $15.00

Tiny basket weave: add $100 (for single flashlight holsters)

Lined:  add $20

Exotic skins:  Black stingray, White Cobra, Black/brown/tan Python add $100.

Rattle Snake:  add $150

Sheep skin: add $15

Deer skin: add $15

Regular snaps are at no extra cost.  Specialty snaps are listed below.

Pull-the-Dot snap (Military one way snap), Sam Brown Post, or Magnetic closure:  $10

Two-tone color:  $15

Antiquing:  $15

Tritium vial $35 per vial (must also be lined)

Spots:  .50 each (you will want it lined or the prongs on the spots could scratch your light)

Flashlight Holsters with Tritium Inserts

Flashlight Holsters