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HIPS "Hidden In Plain Sight" Holsters

The best place to hide something, is where everyone can see it.

Having been a firearms instructor for a law enforcement agency and also having taught Concealed Carry classes for the state of AZ, and having to have carried concealed while on duty, I've come up with a few ways of hiding your pistol... even if you are at the beach.

Whether you work with liberals and management would rather see you gunned down by a lunatic than protect yourself, or maybe you go to school were nothing could ever happen... right... Here are some ways of carrying that keep you out of the eye of the pukes who would like to have you disarmed and defenseless.


Make My Day-Planners start at $450 and increase depending upon tooling and size of firearm to be put inside.

Case Holsters such as the 1911 holster start at $350

Reach Out and Touch Someone "phone" holsters start at $150

The Walkabout canteen starts at $200

Have an idea for something and need an old arrogant bastard with a lot skill to make?... I'm your SOB. I suddenly feel like I just insulted both my parents.

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