Thor's Hammer Custom Leather

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How To Place An Order or Contact Me

Don't email just yet...  READ this page first. 

I like e-mail.  It's fast and it works.  If I don't get back to you in a couple of days, I'm on vacation or dead.  Let's hope it's the former.  If by chance you don't hear back from me, don't despair, just send another e-mail.  I can get swamped and I'm a one-man show, so bear with me.

Do NOT ask if I have a picture of...  If it is not on the this site, then I don't.  I do not have a secret stash of photo's of all the stuff I have made.  Most of the time, I forget to take a picture before it leaves the shop as I am in a hurry to get to the next project.  You may see some pictures on Facebook (I hate social media, but just like a colonoscopy, it is sometimes necessary.  Still a pain in the arse none the less).


Let me know what it is you are looking at and what your needs are.  We can work it out in e-mail.


PHONE:  Don't call.  Just don't.  Due to a massive influx of orders and severe time restraints, I will not be taking calls.  It makes disruptions when I'm working on other folks orders.  Use email.  

PayPal.  If you use PayPal make damn sure that your shipping address is correct.  If you order using PayPal, and then send an email asking me to ship it to a different address, there is a 99% chance that it will be shipped to your PayPal address anyway.  Even bombarding me with emails requesting a different shipping address will not help... much.  I'm old.  I'm senile, and I'm stuck in my ways.  Actually, I use PayPal shipping.  I hate shipping.  I really hate it and so have tried to simplify the process as much as possible.  I also use PayPal to make sure I get your order out.  When you want to ship to another address, I then have to type your address into the computer, and hope my old eyes can read it correctly, then hope my fat fingers don't hit the wrong keys.  You are really asking for trouble.  I don't trust me to do it, and so you shouldn't either.  So, PLEASE make sure your shipping address is correct when you order.

OK.  Now, by emailing me you are acknowledging that you have read all the above and understand it.

One last thing... when we have worked out what it is exactly that you want, I will put it in my web store and send you a link.  There will only be a description there and no picture.  I don't have a time machine to go forward in time and show you what I made for you before you pay for it, and I will not start work before payment.  When you get the link, click on it, go to the web store, add it to your cart and checkout with PayPal or a credit card, THEN I will start on your project.  OK, now to the email:

Oh, and if you send something to have me make a pouch or sheath for, then contact me two days after it arrives asking how the progress is going, I will put you on my shit list.  I'm not Amazon for crying out loud.  If you have the patience of a gnat, this isn't for you.  I think 1-2 weeks is pretty fast for something to be custom made, if you don't, find another maker... and good luck getting it in 3-6 months.

How to Pay

I accept all major credit cards and PayPal.
Personal checks are also accepted, but must clear before I start work.

Deposit before work begins...

No.  I typically do not take a deposit before I start working on your custom goods.  You pay up front.  All of it.
Why?  Well, when someone gives a 50% deposit on a baby blue holster with the initials A.S.S. stamped into it with hearts and butterflies, well, it's darn hard to sell if they decide not to take delivery and pay the remaining 50%.

P.S.  Anybody looking to buy a baby blue holster with some interesting stamping?

How Your Custom Goods Ship... i.e. "Packaging"

It will most likely be in a cheap plastic bag or wrapped in black shrink-wrap then put in a USPS Priority mail box or envelope.  If i remember, I might throw a business card in there.  I spend nothing on packaging and pass that savings on to you.  You are not ordering nice packaging from me.  Sure, I could charge more then ship it in some nice bag, but that isn't why you are ordering from me.  My ex-wife came in nice packaging but what was inside was in no way a quality item.  It's what's inside that counts.

If you do not request insurance, the package will not be shipped with any.  This is the same when shipping a knife or multi-tool or whatever back to you with the holster.  You understand that I have no control once it is in the hands of the post office and I am not responsible for lost or damaged goods.  As of yet, this hasn't been a problem, but there is always that first time... well, there was a a first time.  An expensive light and holster when being shipped to a customer had the box arrive empty looking like Rosie O'Donnell had sat on it and gyrated on it for several hours.  Remember, if you don't ask for insurance, YOU are responsible for Rosie O'Donnell mishaps.

Where is your address and can I visit your shop?

My address is not anywhere on the web, nor in a phone book anywhere (if those are still being distributed)  In a previously life, I sent a whole lot of folks to prison... well, a judge did because they just didn't play well with others, but I was part of that process.  Some of those folks were none too happy with me even though it was their decisions that landed them in that little predicament.  My address is no where to be found because I simply don't want to have to shoot anyone who blames me for their poor life choices. 

At SHOT Show in Vegas I once had another leather smith ask me if I told people where I learned leather making.  I looked at him confused.  He said "prison".  I was a bit surprised, but yes, that is taught in many prisons.  I looked at him and said "I've never been to prison, but I have been to jail many times... dropping people off."  He looked surprised and walked away quickly.

Can you visit me?  Yes, send an email and if you happen to be in Tucson and the timing works, I don't mind sharing a pot of very strong coffee with folks.