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Swivel Shoulder Holsters

The harness is made of suede  or garment leather as it is incredible durable and will lay flat and conform against your body.  These are fully adjustable, and modular in nature.  

The rig consists of the suede/garment leather harness, and the holster which consists of the main holster, two holster hangers, and the under arm strap.

The swivel shoulder holster hangs naturally in the vertical position. The two hanger straps attached to the under arm strap and the holster keeps the pistol secured. 

When the weapon is rotated horizontally for a natural draw, the hanger straps move out of the way allowing the weapon to be removed from the holster.

The holster is easily removed from the shoulder harness so it is not necessary to purchase complete rigs once one has a suede harness.

The should holster can also be made with a belt loop on the back in the event one wants to remove it from the holster hanger straps and wear it as a strong side hip holster.

With the holster hanger straps removed, a hood strap can be attached to keep the pistol secure in the holster.  Simply push the hood strap forward to release the pistol from the holster.  It is easy and silent.

Swivel Shoulder Rig Pricing

Depending on the options you choose will effect the pricing of the rig and components.

Standard Swivel Should Rig

Standard swivel shoulder rigs come with natural (tan) suede shoulder harness and natural oiled dyed holster, under arm strap and holster hangers, and stainless steel hardware.


Colored Swivel Shoulder Rig

Colors available of suede shoulder harness will vary with what I have in stock and what is available.  There is a $20 surcharge for these.  If there is a specific color of suede you wold like that I have to special order in, there is a $40 surcharge.

Colored Hardware

Brass, antique brass, gun metal, and antique copper hardware is available for the hardware that keeps the rig together (does not include the strap keeper on the harness which is always stainless steel).  $10 surcharge.

Dual Function Holster

Belt loop sewn on back of holster for strong side carry and hood retention strap.  $35 surcharge.

Repetitious Stamping and Two-tone color

Basic stamping is included in the base price, but any repetitious stamping such as basket weave or scales has a $30 surcharge.  The stamping only covers the front of the holster, hangers, and underarm strap.

There is a $25 surcharge for 2-tone colored holsters.

Holster, two hangers, and under arm strap.

The basic holster without the suede shoulder harness.  $200

Suede harness only

Complete suede harness only.  $125

For a right handed person, the holster is worn under the left arm.

The harness strap goes behind the neck and back and under the right arm.  The strap keeps the entire rig in place and keep the holster section from sliding down the shoulder.

Notes on Adjustment and Loctite

When you receive your shoulder rig, it will be necessary to adjust to fit you properly.  It is much easier having someone help you.  Once it is adjusted to how you wish to wear it, use blue Loctite on the screws (NOT red).  You may find you will need to adjusted again after a week or more of wear as the suede will stretch a little and conform to your body.  It should not be necessary to adjust it again provided your body shape doesn't change.

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