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CFDA (Speed Rigs)

The Cowboy Fast Draw Association has very clear rules on the way a holster and rig need to be constructed. I am very familiar with these and will make the fastest rig possible within these guidelines.

Cartridge loops are not sewn, but weaved with one piece of leather. Because the belts are fully lined, you will not see this on the back of the belt.

Rigs for CFDA have the holster attached to the belt, and are made of two thick pieces of leather laminated and hand sewn together to make it almost 1/4 inch thick. The holster bends out from the body giving a very fast and smooth draw.

Single Action Shooting Society... How fancy do you want to get?

It's easy to make a plain rig, but what about a fancy Hollywood rig straight from a classic "B" western or one from your imagination? I'm the leather-smith to do it.

This double buscadero has inlaid diamondback rattlesnake heads with the fangs still attached. The cartridge loops are diamondback skin, as are the straps around the holsters. A "baby" Mojave rattlesnake is inlaid across the back with rattle still attached.

Western Rig Pricing

Nope. These are not cheap. If you want cheap, there are plenty of folks out there willing to sell you junk that looks good that will fall apart apart quickly after you purchase it. My rigs are all hand saddle stitched. No sewing machine, just old fashioned needle and thread (nylon thread that will not rot), and my two hands. All rigs are fully lined, both holsters and belt. It takes a long time to sew all around a gun belt by hand!

Fast Draw belts (straight belts) start at $400 and the fast draw holster also starts at $400.

Buscadero belts start at $450, and each holster starts at $350 (so a complete double buscadero rig will cost $1150 with minimal tooling.

Conchos are $20 each, and spots run $0.50 each.

Cartridge loops are $10 per loop.

Inlays... I can do inlays of exotic snake skins (and even rattle snake heads!) It's best to email and see what is available, but as an example, the rig pictured about with the snake inlay and heads will cost close to $4,000.

Tooling is charged by the hour at $45 per hour. I don't think that is all the much. If you do, then you are on the wrong website.

Western Gun Rigs

I am a member of both the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS 97696) and the Cowboy Fast Draw Association (CFDA 3130). Rigs made for these two sports vary quite a bit, and if you plan to use your custom rig in one of these, let me know before I make it so that the dimensions do not violate any of the associations rules.

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