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EDC Tactical, 250 lumens


The EDC Tactical 250 lumens flashlight (EDC-T1B-250) combines a rotary control with a single push button for the most advanced tactical flashlight in the world. The fully clockwise position is momentary Maximum. The secondary clockwise position is momentary Tactical Strobe. The counterclockwise position is a rotary adjustable brightness level from bright to dim with a click on/off interface for more utilitarian tasks such as navigating, investigating or paperwork. And the light is conveniently small and light weight so you can carry it with you wherever you go.


The EDC Tactical 250 lumens flashlight provides the following features:


Elegant mode selection between tactical momentary and utilitarian click on/off.

Lowest cost of ownership - this light is easy on the battery budget.

250 lumens, runtime: 1.65 hours (tactical), 2.0 hours (ANSI).

Potted electronics for the ultimate in reliability under extreme conditions.

Sealed gold-plated switch for maximum reliability.

Anti-damage battery compartment protects battery during extreme abuse.

Nearly unbreakable ultra clear glass lens with anti-reflective coatings.

Durable Acme threads used throughout.

Constant brightness through constant power regulation.

Elegant low battery warning.

Designed for both regular lithium batteries and rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Protects rechargeable batteries from over-discharge and sudden death.

Full thermal management - never gets too hot.

Aerospace aluminum body protected with black military Type 3 hard anodize. Stainless steel crenelated bezel with military black nitride finish.

Single 123 battery.

May be customized for special applications.

Water/dust proof - IP67, 20m (66 feet) of water static rating.

Dimensions: Ø 25.4mm x 98mm (Ø 1" x 3.9").

Weight: 102g (3.6oz) including battery.

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