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Colors... just what are your options?

Colors... tricky things them colors.

Different cows take dye differently.

I typically use Fiebing's leather dyes, and most of the time, I describe the colors the same as they do.  Please don't tell me you want something Camel Crap Brown, or Bolivian Mountain Goat Dung Tan, or Pennsylvania Porcupine Poop ... it doesn't mean crap to me.

Here are a list of dyes I typically use by Fiebing's:


Oil Light Brown

Oil Medium Brown

Oil Dark Brown

Java Brown

Bison Brown

How the dye is applied also changes how it looks.  Most of the time, I dunk the item in the dye.  I will also apply it with a dauber or an airbrush.  The same dye can look very different when applied with different methods.

I will custom mix dyes to get certain looks and effects... so keep reading.

If you are not sure, send a photo from this website... the one you are looking at right now.  NOT some other website.  Send a photo... figure out how to do it.  Don't send me "picture 56 on page 3 of your website".  That photo was probably put there weeks ago and I don't remember (half the time I don't remember why I walked into a room in my home) so I have to spend time to go look it up.

Can I match a color?  Yes, if that color is black.  I may get close on other colors, but that is more luck than skill when it comes to dying leather... I have some skill, luck on the other hand... not so much.

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