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Loki Rig Instructions with Videos

First off, I am not a movie producer. Second, I'm a one-man shop. This makes videos rather difficult. I'm a leather smith, so please bear with me. I should also point out, as the love of my life certainly will, yes, my hands look horrible. There is leather dye under my fingernails and over my hands which are about as soft as a porcupines back side. I'm a leather smith. And one final note, if it looks like the camera is swinging, it is. It's hanging from the ceiling with tape. Did I mention I'm a one-man shop before? My whole focus is on making the best leather goods possible.

Adjusting the buckles on your Loki Rig... if you own a horse, you can skip this.

Pull-the-Dot snaps. Yes. Pretty simple but...

Setting up Loki Rig as a Tanker Rig for Right and Left Shoulder

Loki Rig as Tanker Rig over Right Shoulder

Loki Rig as a Tanker Rig over Left Shoulder

Versatility of Loki Rig as a Tanker

Loki Rig as a Shoulder Holster

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