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Scales, Basket Weaves, and other patterns. This page under construction

Here are examples of different patterns. These cost more because it is aholatastampin'. Most are made with 1 tool. Stamp. Repeat. Stamp. Repeat.

Dragon Scales. Can be made to "wrap" like shown in photo below.

Basilisk Scales (can be made to "wrap" around.

Wyvern Scales

Dreki Scales. Can be made to "wrap".

Snake scales. Can be made to "wrap".


Y Weave

Sands of Time

Nordic Weave





Skulls 1

Tri-Weave Large, Small, and Large with triquetra

Skull Pile

Basket Weave (I have dozens of different kinds. Here are just some examples...

Celtic Tri-Weave (image coming soon)

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