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Where are you located and can I visit your shop?

No. My shop is my home, and it isn't open to the public.

I don't do business inside of Arizona and will only ship outside of Arizona. There are very few exceptions.

If by some chance you do get an appointment, BE ON TIME.

In this age of being able to calculate  travel time on your phone, there is simply no excuse for being late to an appointment other than being an inconsiderate bastard.

Are you an inconsiderate bastard?  If yes, then please don't attempt to make an appointment.

If you do make an appointment, it MUST be for a specific time.  Not "between 10 and 11"

That bullshit doesn't fly with me.  You want your project to get exceedingly expensive, make an appointment and then show up late, or better yet, don't show up at all.  You won't get a second appointment.

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