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I don't make, then sell things. You tell me what you want made, I'll quote you a price based on how long it will take and the amount of materials, and you can decided if you want to do it. I'm expensive. I don't negotiate price. This isn't a fish market and I'm not a fish monger. I am one of the very few custom makers left who builds leather goods to your specifications. It doesn't have to be a holster or a case or a knife sheath... it can be anything but the majority of the things I make are listed below.

The only complaint I have gotten in my years of doing this, is that I have too many options. If you are having a difficult time deciding, I suggest you look at the tons of photos on this website. Even so, send a photo from another website, book, or old leather item you have laying around. Chances are, I can duplicate it.

No steers were injured in the making of your leather goods. They were killed, eaten, and their hide used for your holster, sheath, case, or pouch. They didn't feel a thing.

What I don't do...

There are some thing I simply don't make so it may not be worth you time contacting me just to get an email back that says "I don't make those"

Items from thin leather. While it may seem counter-intuitive, thin leather if very difficult to hand stitch and have it look nice. Most wallets are done from very thin leather and as such, they are not something I do.

Leather carving. I don't do any leather carving.

If you don't see the item on this web page, you can still contact me for whatever it might be... but be ready to cry and hang on to your wallet. If I don't know how long it might take to make, I will figure out a price and then use the metric system (double it and add 30).

I won't make a cake for your gay wedding. Well, for any wedding. For crying out loud, I'm a leathersmith not a baker! I have a kitchen only because it came with the house.

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