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Pricing... the "what's it gonna cost me" page.

This is your rough guide to the most frequently asked question about price.

I figure out my pricing based on two key things. First, the material cost, and second, how long is it going to take me to make it. It's really that simple.

Now, I don't have an army of 8-10 year olds making this for me. If I did have an army of 8-10 year olds, I would open a school and teach them to think for themselves so they don't become entitled sheep. But that is just me. 

Let me give you an example...

This fancy western stamping on this holster took 2 hours from start to finish. Just the stamping. There was lots of measuring, 6 different stamping tools, and over 300 individual stamps. A basket weave or dragon scale pattern... each individual weave or scale is one stamp. That's a lot of time, but the final effect... that final look when it is completed... I think is worth the time and effort, but really, it is up to you if you want to pay for it.  

Same with two-tone colors. It takes longer to do, and thus the price is higher, but again, the final effect is something truly stunning.

Firearm Holsters

For Swivel Shoulder Rigs, please see the Swivel Shoulder Rig page.

Open top holsters start at $150

Thumb break style holsters start at $175

Full-flap holsters start at $235

Pancake Holsters $175 for open top, $200 for thumb-break.  WILL NOT BE LINED!  Pancake holsters for revolvers add $50.  Yes.  They are that much of a pain in the ass!

Complete Loki Rig with Open Top Holster: $280

Complete Loki Rig with Thumb-break Holster: $305

Loki Rig Parts:

Open top Loki Holster $165

Thumb-break Loki Holster: $180

Complete strap set $140 (straps will not be stamped with designs)

Inlays on holsters will vary in price. Generally stingray is $150 extra, most snake skin is $100 extra, rattlesnake and alligator is $200 extra.

Most border stamping and simple stamping is free.

Fancy Western Border, basket weave, and dragon scales: $50 See this page for photos.

Lacing: I won't do it. Don't ask.

Carving: Read "lacing".

Spots: $1 each

Two-tone color: $30

For Western Rigs, please see that page.

Pouches, Magazine Pouches, Flashlight Holsters, and Belt Wallets

Standard open top hand sewn with spring steel pocket clip (vertical): $70.00

Standard open top hand sewn Horizontal with sewn loop: $70

Horizontal with shortened spring steel clip: $100

Sewn loop instead of spring steel clip: add $20.00

45 degree angle with short spring steel clip: add $30.00

Flap/belt over or around: add $30.00

Spare battery carrier horizontal: add $25

Spare battery carrier vertical: add $35

Insert on bezel end to protect lens: add $25

Finger cut-outs on sides: add $30

Ultilink System incorporated into pouch $45

Ulticlip for inside the pocket: $17

Simple Tooling (stamps and designs): FREE

Basket weave/dragon scales: add $30.00 See this page for photos.

Belt wallets are simply pouches with a flap for cards and money, so base price is $70 (base pouch + $30 flap)

Lined with or without RFID blocker: add $20

Exotic skins: Black stingray, White Cobra, Black/brown/tan Python add $100.

Rattle Snake and American Alligator: add $150

Sheep skin: add $25

Deer skin: add $25

Regular snaps are at no extra cost. Specialty snaps are listed below.

Pull-the-Dot snap (Military one way snap), Sam Brown Post, or Magnetic closure: $15

Two-tone color: $25

Antiquing: $25

Tritium vial $35 per vial NOTE: The pouch or holster has to be lined in order for it to have tritium vials.

Spots: $1 each

I typically do not do double magazine pouches. I will, but the cost is double a single. I suggest two singles anyway as it gives you a lot more versatility in carrying and dealing with belt loops.

Multiple pouches. This is a pouch that is designed to hold several various items in different places i.e. a fire steel, multi tool, flashlight, pen, etc. These are NOT fun to design and make and the price will vary wildly depending on the engineering nightmare you wish to pursue. Can I do it? Yes. Do you want to pay for it? I guess we will see. If you think it's easy, then you make it. Generally speaking, while the base cost for the first pouch is $60, it will be a minimum of $40 for the second item. Battery carriers are the only exception.

NOTE: When you have a pouch with a snap, there is metal inside the pouch or flashlight holster (the back of the snap). While I cover this with thin leather, over time, it will eventually give way exposing the metal back of the snap to whatever you put in the pouch. The only way to avoid this is to have the pouch/holster lined, so if this is a big concern, you should have it lined.

Stitching is either white, tan, black, or brown.  Other colors can be done but there is a $10 charge for other colors.

Knife Sheaths

Please see Knife Sheaths page for pricing.

Messenger Bags and Cases

Please see that page for pricing.

How long is it going to take?

Generally, about a week to 2 weeks. I pride myself on keeping up with orders. It is not uncommon for me to get an order and the next day have it in the mail. How do I do that? I don't let myself fall behind. It's not uncommon for me to get an order at 7 at night, then go directly into the shop and make it It's not going to get done by itself. I simply don't understand why some makers sit on an order for months. That's lazy. I often spend 14-16 hours in my leather shop per day. When I'm caught up, I go out in the desert and shoot things or am casting bullets so I can go out in the desert and shoot things. I work first, play later. It's that simple. It's called a work ethic and it seems to be a dying thing in this country. Unfinished orders are a source of stress for me, and I'm too old to let myself get stressed. My OCD is a benefit to you the customer. Now, you should also know that nothing pisses me off more than someone ordering something then sending an email 2 days later asking how the progress is going. 2 weeks, fine. 2 days... This isn't Amazon or instant gratification. Grow up. Learn a little patience. If you find out the wait time for other leather makers, you are often looking at months... so maybe I am Amazon/Thor.

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