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If I put everyone's positive comments here, this page would take a week to scroll through.


I just wanted to give you a big thanks, I've bought a lot of leather goods and that holster you made me based off the small specifications i gave you came out better than I ever would have imagined. Ive had leather work commissioned before and it seems almost everybody today uses a dang machine and the stitching is crap. I really appreciate the effort and artistry you put into my piece. I will without a doubt be using your services again in the future. Absolutely unbelievable job. I need a holster for a smith and wesson shield 45 in the near future and id love one done for my Spyderco Delica 4 when you have time if you've ever made one, the clips on spyderco knives suck, ive lost it out of pocket a few times.

thanks again,



Hi again Dan!

I’ve received my holster today, it’s a perfect fit and I must say your craftsmanship is beyond any holster I’ve ever seen. I am extremely satisfied, and I will definitely contact you again later for making a custom revolver holster.

Again, thanks for your leather magic I’m glad there is someone that take so much pride in their work!


Mats (Norway)


My wife tells me I’m a perfectionist and that is not necessarily a compliment. I like to think that I simply have high standards. I say that as a way of telling you that it is difficult for product’s to meet my expectations and they often don’t. To say your holsters met my expectations would be cheating you. It is one of the rare items that something exceeded my expectations! It is a beautiful holster in every aspect and the crocodile inlay and coloring on the other was superb also. But it also had something else written all over it… Craftsmanship. Couldn’t be more pleased.I get a laugh out of a lot of webpages you see advertising heirloom quality. Most look like the other run of the mill products; few deliver. After seeing the pictures of the last two holsters that are in the mail currently and the plans for this one I think your products are more like Museum quality. It easy even for someone that is picky to put trust in give you free rein to get creative..


Just received my Thor's Hammer Custom Leather holster today and all I can say is WOW ! Top notch quality product. Thanks Dan for taking the time and making me a custom holster.

And I agree the holsters look much better in person !


I just received a custom 6p holster from Dan and it's a work of art ! Great guy, great to work with. Lightning fast response time on orders.

Thanks ! Jargon


Just got my shoulder rig. It has to be the most comfortable rig I have ever worn. It is rock solid! I've never had a rig that held the gun so securely without the thing flopping around.


The sheath you made for my old Solingen in incredible! This is the sheath the knife should have came with 25 years ago, though if it had, I wouldn't have had to get one from you!


Hi Dan,

I did recieve it yesterday, and it is fantastic work! I had high expectations based on the pictures and it surpased them by a mile.

It fits my Lenslight Mini perfectly!

Thank you for making it.



I just got the package and checked it out. What a nice piece of leather sheath it is!

The workmanship is unbelievable and the whole presentation pkg was so nice.

Thank you very much!!



I got mine in today. I coul NOT be happier! The pic made the quark holder look larger than in person. Everything fits just right too.


Cross with dragon scales holster arrived today. Besides being totally functional - spacer works great. AA light and small folder fit nicely. This is one beautiful piece of workmanship! It's like a tuxedo for a flashlight. Really appreciate the craftsmanship that went into this. Best regards.


Dan, just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did on the holster. Looks great and functions even better, will be ordering more in the near future!


The holster arrived today & it looks amazing ! I can't believe the quality of craftmanship & the detail. You are a true master leather worker & I'm honored to carry one of your creations.

I can't wait to show it off to the other officers. Thank you my friend !


Hi Dan, holster came today thanks again. Quality was even better than I had anticipated.



Celtic Holster arrived safely. Little behind on my correspondence, but wanted to let you know. Couldn't be happier with the purchase, craftsmanship is just amazing. Best regards.


Just wanted to say thank you for the 2 flashlight holders you made for me for my HDS and nitecore.

 Love them. They are exactly what I wanted - simple leather, black, heavy duty, no nonsense, just get it done holsters! Well done and many thanks! Worth every penny and more. Thanks for the great product, and value for my dollar.


Just got home from work and my holster has arrived. You do incredible work, far exceeded my expectations. Your work is worth every penny. Thanks again for taking care of the last minute design change. Have a good one.


Hi Dan,

Holster is here and it's great! At first I thought it was too small, tight fit, but the leather stretched a little and the snap snaps and it's a nice snug fit. Looks great, exactly what I wanted. I've never experienced faster service, thanks a lot.

Much appreciated. You'll be hearing from me again I'm sure.


I most certainly will be in touch for any future needs. Your product and C.S. are the best I’ve experienced. These new snaps (one way) are beefy and bigger than the original. I’m really digging this new one.

Thanks again,



I received my holster last night and it is exactly what I wanted! I appreciate the handmade workmanship with the incredibly quick turnaround and am very impressed with both your quality of work and customer service! Again, rest assured I will contact you for any of my future holster needs.

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