Thor's Hammer Custom Leather

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Knife Sheaths

Knife sheaths can be made for any knife.  Most likely, you will need to send me the knife if you want a truly custom fit.

Knife sheaths start at $75 for up to 6 inch blades.  Every extra inch is $10.

Retention snaps are $15

Basic tooling and stamping is free.

Dragon Scales (like pictured on the set above) and Basket Weave are $15 for up to 6 inch blades.  $5 per inch over 6.

Thumb-break style knife sheaths can be made for knives with holes in the handles.  This is $15 extra.

Thumb-Break Style Knife Sheath

Knives that have holes in the handles can have sheaths made with a thumb-break style retention.  This is where the back of the sheath comes up just past the first hole in the handle, and a copper rod is placed so that it fits into the hole.  You push the top of the sheath away to release the knife.