Thor's Hammer Custom Leather

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If you are looking for custom made, heirloom quality leather goods, then you have found the right place. If you are looking for cheap crap, please read no further. I hand make each item. I do not use patterns, sewing machines, or any type of "mass production" system. Everything I make is a one of a kind, fully-functional, quality piece, designed specifically for your needs.

Welcome to Thor's Hammer Custom Leather.
Heirloom quality gear made the old world way.
Why buy from this deceased bovine epidermal engineer?  Because no one ever said "that's a very classy Kydex holster."  Or, "I love the way that nylon looks."  Nope.  Putting a nice firearm or tool in nylon is like putting a  3 foot wide buttocks in Spandex.  It just shouldn't be done.

When you buy from me, and this is a one-man shop, you are directly supporting myself and my family.  You are not supporting large corporate business.  You are not supporting Sum Jung Gai in China.  Why should you care?  This is my livelihood, and as such, you as a customer are far more important to me as an individual than you will ever be to a large business or 12 year old in a sweat shop in Southeast Asia.

When other leather makers say "hand made" it is not truly hand made.  Other makers use a sewing machine as it is fast, but the stitch is not as strong.  Other makers use patterns, so as unique as you think your holster is, there is in reality, several of it around.  The only real difference between someone else who states their holsters are hand made and the big holster companies that spew out holsters like a politician does B.S. is that other makers might actually cut the leather by hand rather than have a machine stamp it out.  Just like the big commercial makers, they use a machine to sew it together.  Hand made?  Not!  If you really want something that is hand made and original, then this is the place.

I have one underlying policy for my work and business, MAKE IT RIGHT

Have you contacted another maker and asked for something to be made and get the reply "we don't make that"?  That is not something you will hear from me when it comes to firearm holsters.  Other things... yep.  There are things I don't make.